All The Autumnal Loveliness


– What I Love About Autumn

  1. That wet-pine smell…
    Okay, so you’re probably thinking what is she crackin’ on about?! But just hold on and I’ll explain. Now that the weather is turning mild and just a bit wet, this is becoming more noticeable. So I was walking home the other day and I noticed that the ground was feeling softer underfoot. This was due to tons of pine needles that had fallen from the trees. I guess the rain must make them smellier but aw jeez, the air smelt oh so sweet. I just felt like it’d been autumn for a month already!


  2. Cosy evenings…
    Don’t we all love it – a bit too much maybe – when it starts to get dark at about 7? Autumn is generally when we start wanting to go into hibernation because of the shorter days tricking our minds into thinking we should sleep more! As a result I’m more likely to just have a laid-back evening; spending a good many hours curled up in a blanket with a cup o’ chai tea and watching either Saccone Joly Youtube videos or Netflix/live TV…hang on! I just thought of another point, however my point to this one was that I just looovve being cosy!
  3. Good TV…
    I find that September is when the good British TV programmes come out all at once: my weekend schedule consists of The Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, Poldark and Our Girl. In the past the BBC have brought out those such as Doctor Who, Merlin and Robin Hood…I just love BBC! Speaking of…how sad are you that GBBO is moving to Channel 4?!


  4. Autumn freakin’ Leaves…
    It goes without saying that autumn leaves should be on this list! For me, it’s not about the crunch underfoot (mostly because it’s usually more of a squelch underfoot). Sure I love to kick up huge piles of leaves as much as the next 18-year-old child…but it’s more the russet browns and yellows that I love. I love to watch the landscape change from one season to the next; mostly going from spring to summer and then to autumn. I’m not a big fan of bare trees at winter time, unless it’s been snowing.
  5. Chai tea…
    hmm chai…This is the perfect way for me to relax when I come through the door. The spices are so comforting and calming when it’s a bit chilly outside. It’s basically like a liquid hug and it helps me put the stress out of my mind. It really is like Christmas in a cup… (perhaps a little premature? )


  6. Autumn baking…
    Okay, so the other day I went foraging for some blackberries in the bramble thickets near the high school and I made a lemon cheesecake decorated by said blackberries and also blueberries. It doesn’t even bother me that it takes hours (sometimes) because quite often it’s raining outside and so is the perfect stuck-inside activity for autumn. Autumn always seems to be the season when I bake the most; I’ve a lot coming up so keep an eye out for more delicious autumn baking posts!
  7. Pumpkins…
    So last but not least on my list of autumn goodness is pumpkins…Seriously who doesn’t love pumpkins? I’m constantly keeping an eye out for pumpkins come Hallowe’en time; I bought two last year with the intention of carving me some jack-o’-lanterns but instead I made pumpkin-spiced cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (hella looking forward to that again!).

Bring on Autumn!!

I’m currently listening to I Get A Kick Out Of You by Frank Sinatra

Until next time,
Caitlin x


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