National Trust Treasures


Moss Lake at Cragside

Is there anything better than a day out with the fam wandering about the grounds of a National Trust place? What better way to spend a crisp autumnal morning than to wrap up and do the River Walk around Wallington Hall? Or to kick up the leaves, moseying through the fields at Waddesdon Manor? These are the kinds of days I look forward to most; no arguing; no squabbling; no nothing! Just a lovely day out, surrounded by nature and seeing your brothers. Oh…and a lovely cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate to warm up afterwards!

Tea at Waddesdon Manor

I think I’ll take this opportunity to share with you some of my favourite National Trust experiences. Sit back with your favourite hot bev and blanket and enjoy! Oh and maybe go and visit somewhere I mention. It might become one of your favourite places too.

  1. Cragside – This place will live forever in the best of my childhood memories…Now I know I said no squabbling but the amount of times I’ve been here it would be near to impossible for every time to be perfect and with no picking on the youngest sibling (me)… However, I can’t put in to words how much I enjoy visiting this amazing place: from running through the woods to racing through the rockery, exploring around Moss Lake, finding my way out of the Labyrinth etc. etc. We would often visit with my Grandad as he lived not too far away in Hepple and that in itself gives me days to treasure.
  2. Wallington Hall – As this place is only around 16 miles away from Hexham we come here quite a lot. My favourite things to do here include playing with my brothers in the courtyard when we were younger, again, running through the woodland and exploring/playing hide & seek in the Walled Garden and finally, taking a picture on the stone gargoyles. Whenever I had a German Exchange student we would take them to Wallington for a walk and cream tea. There are so many gorgeous walks around Wallington, my favourites being the River Walk and to the Walled Garden.
  3. Farne Islands, Northumberland (see previous blog post)
    A stone’s throw from Bamburgh lays Seahouses; a small town of fish and chip shops and gift shops. From here you can catch a boat over to the Farne Islands and explore the inner island belonging to the National Trust!
  4. Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire
    Last October we stopped off here on the journey back up North from Oxfordshire. I had had a lovely weekend at my aunt and uncle’s house with the rest of my family. So on the way to drop my brother off at the station in Milton Keynes we came here for a little while for a mosey through the grounds. It was so nice because the autumn was in full swing and everything was a deep orange. We got the shuttle bus up to the manor house where stopped in the café for a cup of tea. From there we meandered back down through the woods to the car park – just what was needed before a 5-hour car journey back up North!
  5. Cliveden, Maidenhead
    We came here once to meet up with my brother who lives in London. Although it was only once that I visited this place I loved everything about it; from the stunning grounds to the café in an orangery. The little woodland path that ran from the car park to the house was so sweet – I felt all cosy and snug in my winter coat and Doc Martens!
  6. Chartwell, Kent
    So again, I’ve only been here once (as far as I know) but I really enjoyed this day out. We spent the day walking around the gardens and I recall being really interested by the border plants and the rhododendrons… I remember it was a bit frosty that day; magic! Jumper weather…yay
  7. Glendurgan Gardens, Cornwall
    In my life I’ve only been to Cornwall twice; once this summer and the other when I was three years old, in which case I may have visited this seaside garden more than once. I saved this for last as it’s where I actually became a fully-fledged National Trust member; free entry for a year, YAS! I also discovered my love for succulents here (The garden shop is where I bought my first house plant; Aristotle the Aloe aristata). There was also a few awesome Agave Americana’s here and SO many amazing tree ferns (I’m obsessed). This was also where I fell over and gouged my palm open…something a toddler might do. That’s what happens when you try to show off. But on the up side they have a really cool maze to get lost in.

    Last week I pestered my parents enough to go to a National Trust place and we ended up going to Wallington Hall, it was military weekend so there was a massive display of military vehicles and demonstrations in the house – which naturally I thought was amazing. I was wanting to go down to Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire but unfortunately it was too late in the day to drive 2 hours away.

My Favourite Untranslatable Word of September- MERAKI, Greek.
Meraki is an adjective meaning pouring yourself wholeheartedly into something, such as cooking, and doing so with soul, creativity, and love. I chose Meraki as my September word because I’ve found myself getting more and more enthusiastic about blogging over the past month; especially at midnight when all the ideas flood my brain all at once. I love writing what’s on my mind and now I have a word to describe just how deep the love goes!

‘When you’re giving your all, the end result is usually a great one. The concept of meraki has obviously grown up around the Greek culture, which seems to emphasise a thoughtful kind of passion and an appreciation for the small things.’ – Lost in Translation by Ella Frances Sanders20161001_152112

I’m currently listening to Save The Last Dance For Me by Michael Buble.

Until next time,
Caitlin x


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