Favourite Snaps of 2015: November

I can’t believe I’m still doing this series! It’s September already which means 2016 has almost done a full lap around my favourite snaps of 2015 how dare it!

You’re not getting much this month. The only thing I did was a family walk down to the river to see the salmon jumping up the weir. It was a really nice walk but from what I remember the air was damp and there was dew on the grass…ah Autumn I love it! I just remember walking across the fairway on the golf course and plodding along underneath the berries on the trees. However it was also a treacherous walk because the leaves had turned into a wet mulch with the mud and it had become like a death trap, especially when one is wearing Converse! The best bit of the walk of course had to be the salmon jumping. Every year they jump from October right through to December and it’s amazing that every single time I’ve been to see them I end up rooting for them to get up because the current is so strong that, even if they get the timing and the distance right they can still get washed back down again.


And as I promised the other day it’s time for my Favourite Untranslatable Word of August…

In honour of it being officially the first day of Autumn!! – get out your pumpkins and your cinnamon!! – my favourite untranslatable word of August is- FEUILLEMORT, French.
This word is an adjective meaning something having the colour of a faded, dying leaf… A bit morbid no? Well, not really when you consider that Autumn is an awesome season, especially because of the faded, dying leaves.
‘Autumn leaves are one of those things that make the world seem worth the trouble. If you live somewhere with changing seasons, surely the evening light and those beautiful colours slowly fading underneath the trees will have you looking at life through feuillemort-tinted glasses.’ – Lost In Translation by Ella Frances Sanders

I’m currently listening to The Council Of Elrond by Enya & Howard Shore

Until next time,
Caitlin x


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