Favourite Snaps of 2015: October

Ack. This break from blogging has gone on long enough! Too long did revision take over my life. I’m back to doing the things I love: such as cooking dinner, wandering and exploring, photography, drawing, knitting, being healthy…er.
With results day in a little over 2 weeks away I thought I should get back to my favourite series of blog posts and with it my favourite snaps of 2015!

Truth be told, October was a better month for photography than September. I had the half term holiday to look forward to and my cousin was leaving, yet again, to live in New Zealand – Mia had a leaving party at her home in Oxfordshire and so I was able to enjoy a weekend in my uncle and auntie’s sweet little cottage… so thank you Mia! On our way back up North we stopped off at Waddesdon Manor where I enjoyed the autumnal colours on the trees and the decaying leaves which littered the grass. A particular favourite of mine for this month is the photo of my brother with a disc on his nose saying ‘Oxford Brew’. I find this hilariously ironic because he went to Cambridge university and so it would have been too good if he’d got some tea from Cambridge and not from its academic rival. Also his expression is priceless. Just one other little thing: my brother stayed in that jumper all weekend.

A little later on in October it was time to pop down to London to go and see The Lion King in the West End with my family. I just love going places, especially if it means we can go somewhere awesome for brunch! Enter: The Grainstore.

Ah yes it’s my first post on here since February and it’s also my first post of August!

My favourite untranslatable word of July: TSUNDOKU, Japanese
This is a noun meaning the pile of recently-(or not so recently)bought books that don’t get to see the light of day. I chose the word tsundoku because I’ve been reading more and more recently and I keep heading for the ambitious reads, for example I’m currently reading The Pillars Of The Earth by Ken Follett and it’s great but it means that the list of books I’m waiting to read keeps growing as I keep getting pulled into Waterstones by the will of the books and I often come out having adopted a book or two! Most of the classics in my room previously came from my dad’s bookshelf, e.g. Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations suitably! Oh and To Kill A Mockingbird of course although I fully intend to read this one!
‘The tsundoku scale can range from just one unread book to a serious hoard, so you are most likely guilty of it. As intellectual as you may look tripping over an unread copy of Great Expectations on your way to the front door, those pages probably deserve to see the daylight.’ – Lost In Translation by Ella Frances Sanders.


I’m currently listening to Solace by Myriam Gendron

Until next time,
Caitlin x



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