Favourite Snaps of 2015: September

“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” -David Bowie

So, I had expected to get this project out of the way during the Christmas holidays but evidently I didn’t… I was too busy eating and watching films and baking (blog posts to come) and doing exercise… haha no wait I did no exercise.

What was I saying? Oh yeh, September! So September was back to school 😥 ugh so naturally I had been doing the usual and leaving all of my summer homework until the last minute. FYI that isn’t a good plan for A Level- already my plan to be more organised in year 13 had failed!

I didn’t really do much in September, except drum with the samba band at the Great North Run which was great fun! Usually when we go there it’s windy and wet and cold but this year it was blue sky showing, hardly any wind and plenty great company. I was responsible for bringing the flasks of tea so I filled a large one with Yorkshire and the slightly smaller one with peppermint expecting only myself to prefer that. Well I messed up there because everyone wanted peppermint which was nice in a way because it meant that these people that I love spending time with like what I like! Carol made Dhall curry for lunch to have with tortilla wraps and it was gorgeous and garlicy hmmm :3 The one draw back of the day was that I had to wait 30 minutes in the queue for the port-a-loo and I was terrified that I’d be in there when Mo Farah ran past because all the elite woman ran by when I was in the queue and all the time cars were coming by and me being nervous did not bode well for the toilet so I dashed in and out in record time and I ran back to where we were playing and I’d got my drum back on when the motor bike escorts come into view and Mo Farah is there and then he’s gone they go so fast! The group photos are great because drumming for other people always makes us all giddy and smiley. It was a great day!

The Sensible Group Photo…
…and The Silly Group Photo…Well Me Being Annoying

Aside from GNR I went to Edinburgh for the Heriot-Watt open day and in between getting off the train from Currie Hill and getting on the train at Edinburgh Waverly I had an hour to explore Princes Street Gardens and Urban Outfitters (no regret, I love Urban Outfitters) and I love Edinburgh (less if it’s rainy but the day was, again, gorgeous blue sky).

Hexham Train Station In Bloom At 5:30 AM
Street Entertainment In Lovely Edinburgh

I also tried my hand at a spot of flower arranging for my window sill when my mum brought in some sweet peas from the garden (now my favourite summer flower) so I went out to find more flowers to go with the purple and I found yellow poppies to compliment and white daisies to add more elegance. I loved it and it made a difference with this burst of colour in the sunlight.

Flower Arranging

I’m currently listening to Space Oddity by the legend that is David Bowie… RIP my Starman, enjoy your next adventure and at least you’re home now. There’ll always be a Starman waiting in the sky xxx

Until next time,
Caitlin X


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