Favourite Snaps of 2015: June

By June 2015, I was able to just sit back and relax. Exams over and I would be heading to Germany at the end of the month on the school exchange. This was to be my third exchange with the school. First of all though, at the start of the month, I helped out at the Belsay Horse Trials with the Air Cadets. Any memory of my time in the air cadets is a good memory as I met some of the best people I have ever met in this organisation. The weekend was really good overall but the wind was a bit problematic as it kept knocking the poles off the horse jumps in the show-jumping arena and this also made for some flying berets. But all this meant was a bit more exercise and we never got bored it was so busy.
Again, there aren’t many photos for June so I’ve sifted through all of my German Exchange photos, mostly from Berlin. This was a good month for me.


Horse Trials Team
Berliner Hauptbahnhof
Is It Windy? I Hadn’t Noticed!
It’s Humboldt University! And A Couple Of Tourists
Rainy Sonntag
Der Fernsehturm
IMG_4992 (2)
Berliner Dom
Ice At Cafe Bellagio!
Taken With A Leica. Der Reichstag
Taken With A Leica. Berliner Dom

I’m currently listening to- Bones by Ben Howard
-As We Are Now by Saint Raymond

Until next time,
Caitlin X


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