Favourite Snaps of 2015: May

March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

May is without a doubt one of my favourite months of the year. The weather starts to warm up and there is a half term holiday. The only drawback is the exams. Last May I had 6 AS exams within the first week of the month, which was, quite frankly, torturous. I did however have a Wing adventure training camp on Windermere with Cadets to look forward to. Accompanied with the exams, I had a small dilemma when I went on camp to the Lake District: I’d spent the whole evening the night before going over my suitcase making sure I had everything. I also made sure that I was taking a camera that was fully charged up. This I managed but when we got to the accommodation it became apparent to me that I’d left my memory card for the camera! These are the reasons I only have five images for May.
What you may find are images taken with my iPod from the walk up the Old Man of Coniston and the view from our rock climbing spot.

I love being in the outdoors doing a range of activities from rock climbing to hiking and mountain biking. I hope you enjoy these photos from May

View from the Old Man of Coniston
Coniston Tarn
Coniston Tarn
Coniston Tarn
A Magical Land Far Far Away

I’m currently listening to- Disappearing by Dan Wilson

Until next time,
Caitlin X


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