Cosy on up by the fireplace… dim those Christmas lights

So there’s always that time of the year when your life starts to become that little bit more festive. That time for me was the weekend just gone. For the past few years I haven’t felt Christmassy until just right before Christmas. This, I think, is partly because it doesn’t snow as much anymore. But also because I’m in Year 13 now and that means there is more stress in everything you do. Especially in the lead up to Christmas because it means that, once Christmas is over with for the year, exams are super close. Even though there are still 5 months before them. It’s scary. This has ultimately meant that I haven’t had much time to think about the season to be jolly.
Despite all of that, on Saturday I was sitting browsing through Pinterest- getting lost in the related posts- when I looked up, out of the window to find that it had, out of the blue, begun to snow. My parents and I had already planned to pick up our Christmas tree on Saturday so when I saw the snow I got really excited. You can’t blame me 😉 You have to admit that by 10 in the morning it was already a pretty festive day.

So that was it. We finished up with breakfast, I grabbed my camera and we headed out into the wild winter weather. First we tried the local garden centre for a Nordic tree but as it was snowing heavily all of the trees were soaking wet and ideally we needed a dry tree in order to put it up the same day- in time for the annual Christmas get-together. Then it was time to try Waitrose, and what a good idea that was! I was stood in the little shed hugging the Chosen One while Mum paid for it inside and Dad fetched the car. I have to admit it did take a liiittle while to cram the thing in the car. There wasn’t enough room for me… I cry. But that’s okay! I had some shopping to do and I was up for it in the snow.

Where I live, the abbey and Old Gaol are on a hill while Waitrose is sat on a floodplain so, aside from a gorgeous view of the town, I had a fairly steep hill to walk up. Being me, I was completely terrified that I’d slip on the snow and twist my ankle but it was so pretty here so this fear quickly disappeared. First things first. I needed a hand warmer that would also toasty up my insides so without further ado I headed to Costa to get a hot beverage where I settled on the Black Forest Hot Chocolate. Now, my logic here is a little backwards because I wanted to get a take-out as it was snowing. I wanted to be outside. The next thing I did after getting outside, however  was head to the doorway of the department store for cover from the cold weather…
So you see, it would have made more sense if I had just stayed sitting in Costa.
After I finished the hot chocolate I half ran, half glided to Boots to look for presents for my mum and my Secret Santa. I must have been in there for a good 30 minutes or so looking for, perhaps, some Sanctuary or Champney’s hand cream. Between the price and the beautiful selection, I couldn’t decide. After a while I went to the till with just two little packets of chocolate coins for my friends. I am so indecisive… both with coffee and hand cream.

With my Boots failure I tried Beales  and found Morris & CO. and Cath Kidston hand creams. Bingo. Job done! Time to head home but first I had yet to visit the Christmas market. Most of the stalls had started to pack u but it was still really nice just to wander by and have a nosey at everyone’s hand-made gifts: from bird tables and cheese to jewellery and photography. I was making the decision to walk home through the park for some wintery shots when I spotted the reindeer…
There were three of them in a small, fenced pen sheltered by a crimson red gazeebo laden with snow. I stopped by to snap some pictures and went on my way.

As I moseyed along I noticed a  father and son trailing red plastic sledges behind them. Despite the snow, it hadn’t crossed my mind to investigate the sledging capabilities but to no surprise, as I carried on, I saw a small excitable scattering of both children and adults careering down the snowy, slippery slope.

Home Sweet Home. There’s nothing comforting than the welcoming twinkly porch lights and central heating of your home, accompanied with the cosiness of a blanket and one’s favourite pair of slipper socks after a day out in the snow.

I wish you all snow this winter and if I don’t manage another blog post before Crimbo then have a merry one. I hope Santa brings you everything you’ve ever wanted.

I’m currently listening to
– If It Don’t Work Out by Anthony D’Amato

Until next time,
Caitlin X


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