To counter a rainy day, try the Costa Christmas menu.

All you need in life to be happy is a Costa Club card and the best partner in crime or coffee companion. You choose which you prefer. I love heading down into the local Costa with my good friend Jenny to have a little natter over the Christmas menu. I go often enough that I’ve learnt some of the staff by name and it’s great being able to have a friendly little chat to some of them.

So, since the Costa Christmas menu came out at the start of November I have tried…
The Caramel Fudge Hot Chocolate;
-Tiramisu Latte;
-Gingerbread & Cream Latte;
-White Hot Chocolate- this is probably my favourite so far because it’s not overflowing with different features to it. You have the white chocolate sauce first- meaning that you don’t get lumps of hot chocolate powder that’s escaped from being mixed in- then the hot frothy milk and finally the cherry sauce;
-Christmas Tea- I would take milk with the Christmas tea because ,although it’s a spicy tea with cinnamon and other typical winter spices in, the tea uses a black tea base which makes it that much stronger. When I tried it for the first time I probably left the it brewing for too long before taking the tea bag out as I was doing Geography homework. All the same, I will be trying it with milk next time. I was killing time before  going to the dentist after school and the weather was so awful. Absolutely chucking it down! Liam: look at the water in the street! Looks like the river Tyne has come to Fore Street! Jenny came in just as I was about to leave. Despite this being a coincidence and we hadn’t planned it, it was still funny;
-Sticky Toffee Latte.

Yet to try:
-Salted Caramel Cappuccino;
– Mulled Winter Fruits;
– Black Forest Hot Chocolate.
For me, Costa is where I can go to escape the cold and rain if I am down in the Market Place. It’s where I can sit comfortably by myself reading an essay about the food supply problem or practice my weekly German vocab. It’s where I can sit for hours while it gets dark outside while I talk to Jenny about a multitude of different things: what we’ll do next year; boys (obviously); gossip at school and how nothing ever stays a secret; Indian trip; how my brother has hopped off to Canada to figure out his calling I life and how I would love nothing more than to be in his place right now. It’s where I can relax, forget about school pressure and just sit back and watch the people walk by in the street.
I play a game with myself where I try to imagine what their lives are like. What they’re shopping for, are they married, if they’re on their way to pick their children up from school etc. It’s very calming because it distracts me from my own life, which is always welcome.

When it isn’t the festive period, my usual at Costa is the vanilla latte, occasionally the cinnamon latte. I love the subtle sweetness of the vanilla syrup and lattes are the perfect choice for me because they’re never too strong…unless the new guy at the cinema Costa gives you a cappuccino with cinnamon on top instead of a cinnamon latte. Then it is a bit stronger.
Maybe I’m just loyal to the Costa in my town but whenever I go into a different Costa it just isn’t the same atmosphere and it feels strange if the seating arrangement is different. The Newcastle Costa opposite the Theatre Royal was just maybe a little too hustle bustle for me, a bit cramped. They didn’t put the usual gingerbread man on the latte. It just didn’t see as friendly or close. Maybe it’s just the difference between a town Costa and a city Costa.

Today I went into Costa and lo and behold I found Jenny sitting in the corner with a mocha doing school work (I mean who does that? :’) Love you Jenny haha). I ordered a gingerbread and cream latte to go and Leanne told Tommo to just put it on the lid because it’s tragic when the Gingerbread man drowns. Tommo also agreed that it’s like a fairy-tale crime scene and then I interjected that it was just as well that you don’t come across a gingerbread man in the White Hot Chocolate with the cherry sauce otherwise it turns into a bloody fairy-tale crime scene. Mind you, it’s pretty gruesome anyway because you end up decapitating the gingerbread man in the end (cue ‘run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m…oh…well).

Another thing I love about Costa is that their take-away cups enable you to take a selfie so that it looks like you have a beak like the penguin or the robin. Or if you’d prefer to have Santa’s/ Father Christmas’ fabulous white facial hair.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Costa- my favourite barista style coffee chain- I highly recommend that you pop in some time and try the coffee there.

I’m currently listening to- Half Moon by Blind Pilot
-‘Sons of Scotland’ Braveheart Soundtrack

Until next time,
Caitlin X


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