Hello Blogosphere!

  • So, as this is my introduction to the blogging band wagon I thought I would start with a little bit about me. I know that eventually there will be a whole page devoted to telling you who I am, but for now this will have to do.
  • My name is Caitlin and I am currently trying to figure out what to do with my life. I currently study German, Art and Geography at college in the north east of England.
  • Things I love to do in my down time- when I’m feeling the need to procrastinate- include: Reading blogs; playing the piano; listening to music (which at the moment is largely Christmas music); reading, photography; knitting; baking/cooking; drawing and painting; trawling through Pinterest and YouTube.
  • Although I am still in Sixth Form and most of my friends are off to university next year, I’ve decided to take a gap year to figure out what I actually want in life. I would like to travel but a major issue I have is money. I spend like my life depends on it. I’ve bought cameras, an iPod and I’ve invested in many many Doctor Who boxsets. As a result, I have no money to spend on the things I can now say that I’m really passionate about. I just wish my parents had been stricter with what money I could spend when I was little and didn’t know my own mind. Now I’d like to say that I’ve learnt my lesson but I do need a job so that’s a priority next year!
  • I also have started taking on some art commissions from family but next year I will expand my market to the community and, I guess, the internet however, as Albert Einstein said “I never think about the future. It comes earlier enough”, anything could happen.
  • I’ve been thinking, on each blog post at the start of each month, I will write my favourite word for the previous month from the book ‘Lost in Translation’ by Ella Frances Sanders.


  • My favourite untranslatable November word- GEZELLIG, Dutch
  • This is an adjective which describes much more than just cosiness- a positive warm emotion or feeling rather than just something physical- and connotes time spent with loved ones, togetherness.
  • Ask any Dutch person and they will tell you about gezellig. It is something that embodies their warm, welcoming culture, and encompasses all of those things that make you cosy on the inside, like family, good conversations, and hugs.
  • I’m currently listening to- Christmas (baby please come home) by Michael Buble.
  • I promise, or rather, I will try to keep future posts dramatically shorter than this.

Until next time,
Caitlin X


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